Purchase pantry coupon through Paytm

Purchase pantry coupon through Paytm

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that we have created a Paytm account for the purchase of pantry coupons.

Step to be followed for Paytm Payment:

  • Go to the school website www.fountainheadschools.org
  • Click on the link “Online Payment Gateway“
  • Click on “Pantry Coupon through Paytm”
  • Scan the Paytm code or enter the mobile no. to make payment. Minimum amount to be paid is Rs. 500/-. Coupons will not be given for payments made less than Rs. 500/-.
  • After making the payment, click on “continue”
  • Enter the Details along with “Paytm Account Name” “Transaction Date & Time (any format) & “Transaction ID” received for the payment made
  • To confirm, click on “Click on Submit.”
  • After getting the payment confirmation, the coupons will be handed over to your child in a sealed envelope within 3 working days and confirmation will be sent to the parent through communication diary.
  • Return, Refund, and Cancellation policy – https://paytm.com/care/shopping/#payment
    • In the case of refund, money for canceled/failed payments; the school will not be responsible for the same. Parent has to contact Paytm support directly.

Important Note: The price of Bread & Butter has been revised to Rs. 15/-.


Fountainhead School

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