Grade 8_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_Exuberance,Vivacity_20/01/2017

Grade 8_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_Exuberance,Vivacity_20/01/2017

Dear Parents,

Lets walk through the week to understand the work done by students and units they have covered in this week :-

  1. Students have completed the unit Surds by understanding how to rationalize the denominator having Sudrs. They have also understood few concepts of opening the brackets having Surds.
  2. Unit test paper and weekend homework discussions were done in the class along with the doubt sessions. To end up the unit, we have taken one surprise test to check their understanding on the unit Surds and Pythagoras theorem. They evaluated their understanding and also realized their mistakes and corrected them.
  3. we started new Unit- Statistics where students were introduced to the meaning of statistics, data and frequency. They also understood different types of data and completed one exercise (11.1) identifying the type of data- Discrete or continuous data.
  4. To understand the importance of  studying statistics, Students found out the real life applications of statistics and wrote it on a chart paper.
  5.  Moving further on the unit Students understood ho to draw frequency histogram and group the discrete data using range. They have completed exercise 11.2 and started 11.3 based on grouped discrete data.

Thanks & Regards,

Ankita Nandwani.

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