Highlights and homework – Day 4 – January 20th

Highlights and homework – Day 4 – January 20th

Inquiry : Learners discussed the questions from the puberty quiz worksheet. They further attempted the formative assessment to check their understanding about pubertal changes.

Language : Learners were introduced to poetry. They were emphasixed about expressing their feelings and thinking through poetry. They saw below poems and answered the questions in their group and further defined poetry as per their newer understanding.

Questions : “What did you notice?” “How did the poetry make you feel?” “What did you understand from the poem?” “Did you notice any patterns in the poems we explored; any similarities or differences?”

Links :

The Giving Tree : http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-giving-tree/

Homework :

UOI : Read and annotate the article : Say NO and Safety

Math :

  1. Read and stick the conclusion article given today.
  2. Practice for presentation based on the feedback provided today in the class.
  3. Complete Math mix bag
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