Important points for physics field trip on 25th Januray_Grade 9

Important points for physics field trip on 25th Januray_Grade 9

Dear learners,

Kindly note the following points about the field trip to Science City, Ahmedabad. 

Visit to Science city, Ahmedabad will enhance student’s physics  knowledge. This visit is intended to explore the applications of various concepts of physics like energy, work & power. It is explicitly planned for students to learn and have fun. They will be watching a 3D movie “Walking on the moon”.

Alignment of CoS syllabus with different attractions of Science city is as follow.

No. Unit name Learning outcomes to be achieved Science city attractions
1. Energy Give and identify examples of energy in different forms, including kinetic, gravitational, chemical, strain, nuclear, thermal (heat), electrical, light and sound. Energy Park
2. Give and identify examples of the conversion of energy from one form to another, and of its transfer from one place to another.
3. Describe how electricity or other useful
forms of energy may be obtained from:
•Chemical energy stored in fuel
• Water, including the energy stored in waves, in tides, and in water behind
hydroelectric dams
•Geothermal resources
•Nuclear fission
•Heat and light from the Sun (solar cells and panels)
3. Magnetism Distinguish between the design and use of permanent magnets and electromagnets. Hall of Science
4. Motion Describe and use the concept of weight as the effect of a gravitational field on a mass.
5. Light Describe the dispersion of light by a glass prism.
6. Sound Describe how the reflection of sound may produce an echo
Demonstrate understanding that a medium is needed to transmit sound waves
7. Electricity A repository of knowledge on electricity for audiences across various age groups. CLP ELECTRODROME
8. Light Describe the role of electromagnetic waves in:

•Radio and television communications (radio waves)

•Satellite television and telephones (microwaves)

•Electrical appliances, remote controllers for televisions and intruder alarms (infrared)

•Medicine and security (X-rays).

Hall of Space


Date of field trip: 25th Januray 2017

Assemble at: 4:45 am at Vanita Vishram ground 

Departure: 5 am

Return at: 11:00 pm (approximately) at Vanita Vishram ground 

Learners can carry a maximum of Rs.500 cash, they are supposed to carry their breakfast (Friday food policy to be kept in mind), water bottle, physics notebook, a pen and school ID card.

Learners are supposed to be in complete uniform (this includes pair of school pants and school jacket).

Parents will be informed in case of delay.


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