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Day: January 23, 2017

Mathematics: Journey into the unknown

Mathematics: Journey into the unknown

Grade7 – G7 Cognizance
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Jan 25 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Complete Ex. 4C (Pg 80) from Haese textbook in your math notebook.

Complete Ex. 4A and 4B if left.

Kindly crosscheck your answers from back side.
Expected Time: 30

Selection list of Interschool skating competition 2016-17

Selection list of Interschool skating competition 2016-17

Selection list of the FS Inter school

Roller speed skating competition 2016-17

No Names Grade Section Category Age group
1. Krishiv A Shahi 1 Amity Tenacity U-8
2. Mohemed Ishaan S Shaikh 1 Harmony Tenacity U-8
3. Aanya M Ruwala 2 Ponder Tenacity U-8
4. Anam S Shaikh 1 Truth Tenacity U-8
5. Mudita J Patel 2 Think Quad U-8
6. Suhani S Banthia 2 Ponder Quad U-8
7. Shlok S Patel 1 Truth Quad U-8
8. Shaurya B Shah 1 Truth Quad U-8
9. Arsh N Bhatia 1 Hope Inline U-8
10. Dhanvin M Chokkas 2 Wonder Inline U-8
11. Yukti P Begani Sr. Kg Glitter Inline U-8
12. Hriya M Chahwala 2 Create Inline U-8
13. Shees M Bandookwala 4 Valour Tenacity U-10
14. Sumit P Hirawat 3 Innovate Tenacity U-10
15. Diksha P Jhunjhunwala 4 Responsibility Tenacity U-10
16. Jiyaa D Parchwani 4 Resilience Tenacity U-10
17. Anushka A Agarwal 4 Freedom Quad U-10
18. Hitaishi R Somani 3 Illustrate Quad U-10
19. Nischal N Jogani 4 Valour Quad U-10
20. Sanyam B Poddar 4 Courage Quad U-10
21. Maahi A Shah 4 Fortitude Inline U-10
22. Kinkinie B Dutta 4 Tenacity Inline U-10
23. Yatna B Sheth 3 Illustrate Inline U-10
24. Harsh P Begani 3 Initiate Inline U-10
25. Kadam M Jain 6 Contemplate Tenacity U-12
26. Devarsh R Shah 6 Deliberate Tenacity U-12
27. Palaash R Dubey 5 Reciprocity Tenacity U-12
28. Devanshi  V Madhogaria 6 Evolve Tenacity U-12
29. Jainam V Jain 5 Alliance Quad U-12
30. Rudra P Rokad 6 Excogitate Quad U-12
31. Avadhi U Talera 5 Consortium Quad U-12
32. Nidhi R Malani 5 Coalition Quad U-12
33. Vaishnavi V Contractor 5 Alliance Inline U-12
34. Dishita N Sutaria 5 Conglomerate Inline U-12
35. Dishit N Sutaria 5 Reciprocity Inline U-12
36. Yug J Viradia 6 Deliberate Inline U-12
37. Ujjwal R Bansal 7 Acuity Quad U-14
38. Nishit  D Mehta 7 Cognizance Quad U-14
39. Suhani K Bhattar 6 Excogitate Quad U-14
40. Priyam A Chhaparia 7 Perspicacity Inline U-14
41. Khushi V Budhia 8 Verve Inline U-14
42. Diya A Shah 9 Fortuity Inline U-16
43. Tisha A Gabani 9 Epiphany Inline U-16
44. Vraj T Patel 9 Eureka Inline U-16
  • Above listed students are selected for the Inter school skating competition organized by Fountainhead school on28th January 2017. 
  • Anyone from the selected students, wants to opt out of the tournament, should email Asif sir, byTuesday.
  • Selected students have to compulsory attend practice sessions during P.S. classes
  • Competition timings will be8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • School will provide lunch to students.
  • Reporting time for the competition is8:30 a.m.
  • Bus routes will be posted soon, Kindly keep checking the school blog.
  • Students have to reach the bus stop 10 minutes before the given time.

Things to be carried for competition –

-Skates, I-card, Helmet

-Dress (School T-shirt, Shorts/tights/ Speed suit)

-Water bottle, glucose.

-Sufficient food (light food) for the day (avoid junk food)


Field trip to Panjrapole!!!

Field trip to Panjrapole!!!

As a part of our ongoing unit ‘Animals’ , learners were taken for a field trip to Panjrapole.  They visited an animal hospital and the place they live in. This field trip helped them to understand what is our responsibility towards the animals and how we can take care of them. All the learners were really enthusiastic and curious to visit the animal hospital.

A few glimpses of the same are:


Jimmi and Maria.