Highlights and Homework- 24th January

Highlights and Homework- 24th January

Language: The students started Poetry unit yesterday and we discussed about different type of poems. Today, the students revisited their understanding of Similes and identified non-example of similes and deepened their understanding of identifying and using the Similes.

UOI: A separate session for girls and boys was conducted regarding the hygiene routine they need to observe on day to day basis when they hit puberty. Other queries regarding puberty and pubertal changes were resolved.


UOI: A worksheet containing graphs related to pubertal changes in girls and boys have been shared with students, which contain question to interpret the graphs, needs to be solved.

The girls need to read Just for Girls from Page: 43 to 50  and boys need to read Just For Boys from Page : 39 to 56.

Read the given article (both sides) and staple it in your notebook. Write 5 important take away from each article and write in their UOI notebook/paper.

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