Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week & Homework

Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week & Homework

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of the week :

Coursework Portfolio :

This week, the students worked on the Assignment 1 on Descriptive-Narrative Writing as part of their Coursework Portfolio and submitted the first draft.

FLE Coursebook :

Students worked on Unit 3 from their FLE Coursebook and will continue with it. Students are expected to bring their FLE Coursebook on Monday- 30 January, 2017.

Letter Writing :

The students attempted to write a letter based on the passage – Canal Holiday as part of past paper practice. This was followed by a Unit test on Directed Writing-Letter Writing.

Homework :

Students should complete Unit 3 Questions 4 to 7 from FLE Coursebook, if they have not done it, already. Then, they should complete questions from 8 to 11 and submit it on Wednesday-1 February, 2017.

Where there is a mention of class discussion, the answers should be completed. There will be a discussion based on the answers.

Language Team

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