Reminder – Inviting Parents’ and Students’ Articles for School Magazine (2nd Edition)

Reminder – Inviting Parents’ and Students’ Articles for School Magazine (2nd Edition)

Dear All,

Calling up on Satirists! Humorists!! Scribes!! Parents, students, grand parents pick up your pens and get going!! 

This is a message for those, who still have some very interesting ideas lying deep within their thoughts, but are somehow reluctant to pen them down. Come on… just let your words flow. Your contribution would indeed be appreciated and would be a motivation for others to write. 

Your claim to fame (in our magazine of course) is just an article away. The last date for submission is next week 6th Feb 2017. 

These topics can be attempted both by the students and the parents’

  • Do you remember dreams? Would you share one – Nodding off, the dreams we dream / Off to Dreamland (Grade 1 – 3)
  • My favorite Pizza Topping (Grade 1 -12)
  • Write a story about a magical tree (Grade 1 – 6)
  • Is it better to have older siblings or younger siblings? Article or Poem (Grade 1-12, parents)
  • Winter mornings (Article or Poem) (Grade 1 -12, parents)
  • My role model (Grade 1 -12, parents)
  • The power of words!! (Grade 1 -12, parents)
  • My Grandparents (living with them and loving them (Grade 4 -12, parents)
  • The wait for PYP Exhibition (Grade 5 only)
  • My pocket money vanished when pink notes appeared (Grade 7-12)
  • Make your own comic strip (Grade 4-12)
  • Gadget gizmos or Computer geeks?? (Grade 7-12, parents)
  • India and Indians under the Trump monarchy (Grade 11-12, parents)
  • Demonetization (Grade 11-12, parents)
  • Photo Essay (conditions apply, anyone interested in this category please meet the newsletter team) (Grade 7-12)
  • Jokes, puzzles/riddles (Educational) (Grade 1 to 12, parents)
  • Book review (Grade 7-12, parents)
  • Poster / Artwork (Grade 7-12, parents)
  • Should celebrities also be held accountable for promoting products blindly? (Grade 11-12, parents)

Topics (only for parents):

  • Parenting strategies at my home
  • Life Classes (If I had to raise my child all over again, I’d finger-paint more, and point the finger less)
  • Should there be minimum educational qualification criteria to become MP, MLA
  • The power of words!!


Editorial Committee (School Magazine)

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