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Day: February 2, 2017

Grade 11_Biology_Highlights

Grade 11_Biology_Highlights

Hello all,

In this cycle, the second unit ‘Molecular Biology’ was continued. The last subtopic – Photosynthesis was catered. It also had elements like dependent variables, independent variables and controlled variables. Students then  successfully performed an activity of  ‘extracting DNA from banana with the help of isopropanol.’


Jay K. & Anika M.

International/Summer trips in May 2017

International/Summer trips in May 2017

Dear Parents,

For the summer of 2017, we have brought 3 exciting programs for students of Grade 7 to 12 which they can take to refresh and rejuvenate themselves.

We are offering 2 international and 1 In-country program. Please refer to the details mentioned below.

1.International Program:


2.In Country program: 


Please fill the form in whichever trip you are interested in. For any query, please feel free to contact us at 


Events Team @ Fountainhead.

Mathematics: AM Practice Test

Mathematics: AM Practice Test

Grade9 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Mon Feb 06 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Dear Parents & Students,

Practice test of Additional Mathematics will be held on 6-February-2017 as requested by students in their free slot.

Practice test will be of:

Factors of polynomials.

Expected Time: 35 min

Mathematics: Math HL unit test

Mathematics: Math HL unit test

Grade11 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Fri Feb 10 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Entire functions unit will be assessed in this unit test. Please refer the subject guide for the topics.
Total marks – 50
GDC and NON GDC style questions will be asked.
Expected Time: 50 minutes

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – February 2

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – February 2

Inquiry : Learners had been discussing about making informed choices since several units. Today, they attempted a worksheet on informed choice, which had few situations mentioned and they had to give their point of view and their choices, had they been in the similar situation. They inquired, through the links mentioned below, about ways to say No in Peer pressure. They further attempted a role-play with the peers, using their newly formed knowledge about saying No. Learners continued to read the article on ‘In Demand’ which they will conclude tomorrow.

Say No Links :

Language : Learners discussed remaining questions of the poem Travel and further compared both the poems.

Math : Learners continued to work on their summative assessment task.



  1. Complete the informed choice worksheet and stick the same in your UOI notebook.
  2. Stick the ‘In demand’ worksheet in your UOI notebook.


  1. Complete all the question answers of the Poem Distance and Travel in your Language notebook.
  2. Write your response to the comparison questions.

Math : Bring your collected data evidences for summative assessment task.

Inter School Taekwondo Competition 16-17

Inter School Taekwondo Competition 16-17

Dear All,

Below are the students who are selected for Inter School Taekwondo Competition which is going to be held on 4th.Feb.17 at Fountainhead School.

The event will start at 8:00 am and the departure details will be posted on blog with Routes & timings.

Sr No Name Grade FSK ID
1 Kaanav singhal 2 FSK2013084
2 Aarav sutariya 2 FSK2014242
3 Jihan sutariya 2 FSK2013140
4 Kush thumar 1 FSK2014061
5 Mannan jain 2 FSK2013204
6 Dev bhuyan 2 FSK2013053
7 Utakrsh Dhadda 1 FSK2014007
8 Arav dang 3 FSK2012054
9 Kartik singhal 4 FSK2011057
10 Neev shah 3 FSK2012056
11 Garv jhawar 2 FSK2013102
12 Mayaan shah 2 FSK2013015
13 Anant mundra 2 FSK2013009
14 Kush bagra 3 FSK2011053
15 Veer duggal 2 FSK2013023
16 Jyotiradityasinh singh vaghela 2 FSK2013038
17 Hitansh jain 3 FSK2012010
18 Dharma patel 3 FSK2012149
19 Krish asija 4 FSK2011013
20 Arrush saraf 1 FSK2014029
21 Arham jain 7 FSK2014069
22 Meet agarwal 1 FSK2014039
23 Aadit thakkar 1 FSK2014046
24 Parshva shah 5 FSK2010134
25 Moksh jain 4 FSK2011117
26 Aryan singh 2 FSK2013083
27 Vivann singh 2 FSK2013081
28 Dhruv rustagi 5 FSK2010120
29 Aditya mittal 4 FSK2011058
30 Himanshu sultania 4 FSK2010001
31 Aksh chopra 3 FSK2013222
32 Shrey kothari 2 FSK2013067
33 Kanishk narsaria 4 FSK2011103
34 Mitul dhadda 6 FSK2012163
35 Aayushya adwani 6 FSK2008142
36 Bhav saluja 5 FSK2010038
37 Divyam shah 5 FSK2010077
38 Nitin agarwal 3 FSK2012187
39 Kavit naik 5 FSK2010135
40 Jainam jain 5 FSK2013232
41 Pushkar gupta 4 FSK2015198
42 Nikunj mour 6 FSK2009384
43 Rivaa Jajoo 2 FSK2013044
44 Kaniska virani 3 FSK2014144
45 Divisha mittal 1 FSK2014062
46 Mishty shah 2 FSK2013101
47 Nitya rathi 2 FSK2013069
48 Anushka karwa 7 FSK2008146
49 Suhani agarwal 3 FSK2012021
50 Mehak agarwal 3 FSK2012044
51 Tistha agarwal 3 FSK2012007
52 Diya agarwal 4 FSK2011099
53 Nidhi grover 7 FSK2008002
54 Jiana shah 3 FSK2012076
55 Mahi rateria 6 FSK2010139
56 Kaashvi agarwal 5 FSK2010087
57 Urja shah 7 FSK2009409
58 Gurleenkaur Virdi 7 FSK2008192
59 Nandini bansal 10 FSK2013247
60 Vedika agarwal 10 FSK2014155
61 Harshee adnani 11 FSK2008099
62 Yanshi shah 2 FSK2013029
63 Yashveer R Pahwa 1 FSK2014009

Please find the below Bus Routes for the event - 

Bus no:-1  
Sr. no Stop name Timing
1 S.D.Jain School Main Road 7:00
2 Someshwar Enclave Main Gate 7:03
3 Sargam Shopping Center 7:10
4 Dheeraj Sons Mega Store,Athwalines 7:15
Bus no:-2  
Sr. no Stop name Timing
1 Noopur Hospital Main Road 7:10
2 Vijay Dairy (Gujarat Gas Circle) 7:20
3 Rocket Circle Main Road 7:25
4 Tadwadi Char Rasta Main Road 7:30
Bus no:-3  
Sr. no Stop name Timing
1 Regency Tower – C 7:00
2 Umra Garden 7:05
3 Trinity Mall Main Road, 7:22
4 L.P.Savani School (Circle) Main Road 7:27
5 Subhash Garden Circle 7:35
Bus no:-4  
Sr. no Stop name Timing
1 Opp. Sarela Shopping Center 7:00
2 Sun Tower Main Road 7:05
3 Opp. Amrut Kunj Complex 7:10
4 Gandhi Engg. College 7:15
5 Prime Arcade Main Road 7:22
6 Gail Tower Main Road 7:25
Bus no:-5  
Sr. no Stop name Timing
1 Zenith Hotel (Old Amisha Hotel) 7:05
2 Barfiwala College Main Road 7:10
3 Bal Aanth Ashram 7:15

Please note that the students needs to be in their school uniform and needs to carry the below mentioned things –

  • ID Card
  • 1-light & 1-Heavy Snack Box
  • Water Bottle’s
  • Taekwondo Kit

Also note that the students who has not submitted the entry form will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

In case of any Query please contact Rohit Sir – 9624419988.

Thanks & Regards.

Ankush Bhasin (PE-PO)














Highlights and homework of 2nd February

Highlights and homework of 2nd February

Day 6


UOI: Students shared their responses on the “informed choice” situation worksheet. They shared real life examples and read the following articles, which was then discussed as a class

Language: Students discussed more about what ‘Poetry’ is to them and a word splash was made on the board depending on their responses. Teacher, then added more points to the same. Later they were asked to listen to the song – and answer the following questions, through class discussion:

-What was the song about?

-Was the song also a poem?

-Was it talking about something extraordinary or just some ordinary things which the poet observed?

Homework :

Language: Answer questions 1 to 5, given on Page 32 of Empowering English, in your Language notebook.

Math: Take prints of the form(questionnaire), responses and summary etc, as per your need. (Ignore if you have taken the prints already)

Think of some creative idea to present your research findings.

UOI: Think of a real life situation where you experienced peer pressure. Mention how you handled it and also now how could you have handled it better. (To be done in the UOI notebook)



Recap of the day – 2/2/17

Recap of the day – 2/2/17

Math –  The relationship between addition and multiplication was revised in the class.
U O I – Formative assessment was taken.
Discussion on the central idea was done along with its meaning.  Learners were introduced to the term “Case study”.  
Homework –  
Math –  Solve the following problems:

a) On Thursday, didi sold items worth Rs. 210. On Friday she sold twice that amount. On Saturday she sold items worth Rs. 130. How much more food did she sell on Friday than Saturday?

b) In pantry, the cost of Amul Kool is Rs. 27 and cost of cheese slice is Rs. 15. Didi sold 48 Amul Kool and 29 cheese slices, how much did she earn?


Solve the following multiplication sums (using any method)
a) 451 x 87
b) 580 x 36
c) 90 x 20