Highlight and Homework – 3rd February, 2017

Highlight and Homework – 3rd February, 2017

Dear Parents,

Day 1,

Star of the day: Jeevisha Surana (For being responsible with her work)

[Highlight Of The Day]


Students based on the data collected in a survey, plotted tally marks and bar graph in the graph book. They also did a comparative analysis of the influence of the advertisement on different age group by plotting double bar graph.



a. Solve the worksheet on Chapter 11 of Charlotte’s Web.

b. Revise dictation word list 3 of 800.


a. Complete the remaining Q5, Q6 in your graph book for those who have yet not completed along with the conclusion.

b. Do as directed :

a) Solve the following:

i) 1/7 = ___/14
ii) 33/66 = /___
iii) 9/12 = ___/4
iv) 4/18 = 2/___

b) Simplify the following:

i) 22/88
ii) 64/128
iii) 32/84
iv) 39/78

C) Find the HCF and LCM:

i) 55 and 33
ii) 63 and 81

d) Multiply: 9645*32

e) Divide: 846 / 23

f) Arrange in ascending and descending order:

2/12, 10/12, 6/12, 8/12, 12/12


Students have to practice typing on the link given below:

Typing Practice


a) The students are expected to come in complete uniform ( Full pants, black socks, black shoes and black hairband or rubber band)  on 6th February, Monday for the class photo.

b) Refer to the feedback given in the descriptive writing booklet and Lang EE notebook and work on it over the weekend.


Malvika Gandhi

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