Highlights of the week!!!!

Highlights of the week!!!!

  • Circle Time:

Word of the week– Inquirer

Morning Message-  We ask questions and are curious to learn.

Wiggle- Reach up high..tufa tofa: https://youtu.be/bRpMZUylwfY

Introduction of Rhymes:

1- Sunflower Sunflower

Sunflower, sunflower, standing straight and tall,

Sunflower, sunflower, you’re the tallest flower of them all!

Sunflower, sunflower, when your seeds fall to the ground!

Sunflower, sunflower, by the squirrels they’ll be found!

2.Little seed

I’m a little seed,

Brown and fat,

I haven’t got a front,

And I haven’t got a back.

Plant me in the earth,

Give me water each day,

I’ll grow to be an apple tree,

While you play!

Phonological awareness activity:

  • .Teacher played  passing the parcel, who ever got the parcel, was given a word and that student had to give a rhyming word. Eg- tape-cape, flag-rag,tring-bring, flap-clap, fish-dish, rash-crash, big-fig, hair-chair.
  • Higelty Pigelty bumble bee, can you share the name with me…Tasnim, let’s all say tasnim, let’s tap/clap/jump and say Tasnim../Tas/ /nim/. Similarly all the learners had to break their names into syllables.


  • Revision of letters ‘g’,’o’,’u’,’l’,’f’,’b’ and ‘j’ with their sounds and action was taken up.
  • Formative assessment of the 3rd cluster was taken through guided play.


  • Revision of all the taught concepts (forward counting, backward counting, after numbers, before numbers, greater than less than, pattern).
  • Introduction of 3D shape Sphere – Teacher showed the 3d shape sphere. The teacher also explained the difference between a 3D shape and a 2D shape and made real life connection of 3D shapes with examples like ball, orange, marbles, ladoo etc.
  • Students were shown a video on 3D shapes. Given below is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XucxjuTjWeQ
  • Introduction of Seriation – Small to big

Teacher read  the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and asked a few questions like: How many goats were there in the story? Were they of the same size?

Further, teacher  showed them puppets of goats and asked which goes first, second and third and then explained them about seriation and also that it can be done with more than 3 things/objects as well.

Link for the same – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO-5KgcfHmI

  • Oral chanting from 1 to 50

Unit of inquiry:

Transdisciplinary theme :- Sharing the planet.

Central Idea:- Plants sustain life on earth and play a role in our lives.

Learners made their favourite food items with clay, similar food items were placed together and then a discussion was taken up. Further learners were shown various types of grains on visit to the kitchen and then taken for a field trip to the flour mill. Lastly learners visited the wheat farm to gain an understanding about origin of wheat grain.

Free play:Learners were given different toys :

  • Jodo blocks
  • Rangometry
  • Wooden blocks
  • Clay
  • Puzzles

Students enjoyed playing with the toys and mingled up with their friends. It helped them in enhancing their Social and Communication skills.


Math:Pre math concepts worksheet.

Language: Phonics pupil book-1: Pg. no-13,14( writing letters ‘d’ and ‘g’)

Important note:


  • Kindly note that on 7th Feb we are having  our class photo shoot so please send your child in complete uniform. Make sure your child remains present for the photo session.
  • Kindly be prompt in sending objects for the show n tell activity.Please send any object that starts with the letter ‘z’ on Monday.
  • Please read to your child regularly and maintain a record in the reading log.
  • Kindly revise the taught Language and Math curriculum regularly, soon we will be starting with the summative assessments for all the subjects.


Have a great and happy weekend !!!


Junior KG Team

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