Day 2-Highlights and homework of the day!! (6th February, 2017)

Day 2-Highlights and homework of the day!! (6th February, 2017)


  • Teacher Introduced the term idioms to the students by showing a video.  She discussed the meaning and the sentences given in the EE book and asked students to form their own sentences using the same idioms.
  • Read aloud was done.


  • Discussion on “gravity” and “Earth’s atmosphere” was taken through a Google slide and a video.                                                           


  • Write 3 Idioms with its proper meaning and frame meaningful and rich sentences.

Important note:

Dear parents,

The following 2 books are missing from the Grade 2 wing. The books are issued in a teacher’s name and are quite expensive. In case, the books are not found, the teacher will have to bear the cost that is coming around Rs. 3000/-.
I request you all to search for the following books at home in case the students have taken them home for reading and send them back to school by tomorrow.
Name of the books:
  1. The Biggest Animal Ever 
  2. If you take a mouse to the school
Looking forward to your co-operation.
Thanks and Regards,
Grade 2 Team
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