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Day: February 9, 2017

Mathematics: Solving equations

Mathematics: Solving equations

Grade7 – G7 Cognizance
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Mon Feb 13 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Dear students,

Complete Ex. 8G (remaining questions) from Haese textbook in your math notebook. Ensure that you cross check your answers from the back side.

Important note:
1. Kindly copy questions.
2. Show all necessary steps

If any doubt then please approach me.
Expected Time: 60

“NES Science Fest-for MY and DP students on 25th February,2017”

“NES Science Fest-for MY and DP students on 25th February,2017”

Dear students,

NES International School, Swapnanagari, Mulund( west), Mumbai – 400082-in association with South Asian International Baccalaureate schools association has arranged a Science Fest for Grades 8,9 and 11 on 25th February,2017. Interested students should send their names by email to Manish sir latest by 14th February,2017.

There are different categories under which you can register yourself as below:

1.Science working model

Category (Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)-group of 1-4 Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)-Group of 1-4 Student

2.Quiz Competition

Category(Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)-Group of 2 Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)-Group of 2 Student

3.Scientific drawing and painting

Category(Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)-1Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)-1 Student

4.Essay writing

Category(Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)-1 Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)-1 Student


Category(Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)- 1 Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)-1 Student

6.Film making

Category (Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)- 1 or 2 Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)- 1 or 2 student

7.Paper -Tower Competition

Category(Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)- 1 or 2 Student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)- 1 or 2 Student

8.Bio Jewellery

Category(Junior)(Grade-8th and 9th)- 1 student

Category(Senior)(Grade -11)-1 student

9.Physics face-off:

Junior Group(Grade 8 and 9): 2 Students

Senior Group(Grade 11): 2 Students


Junior Group(Grade 8 and 9):Max 5 students

Senior Group(Grade 11):Max 5 Students


The judges will be looking for projects that score highly against the following main criteria:

1. Project concept – what was the motivation behind your project and what were your aims?

2. Project process – how well did you plan and organise your work? What sort of experiments and research did you do? Were you innovative or creative in your approach?

3. Project outcome – how well did your project achieve its aims? Is your final product report of a high quality? Does your project have a ‘real-world’ application?

4. Personal skills – how well did you deal with any problems or challenges? How well do you communicate your project? Does your enthusiasm shine through?

For Further detail about event meet Manish Sir

There is no Registration fee for the event.Approximate cost for transportation is Rs  2160(If 10 students are participating and as per present availability of tickets,Cost may change as per availability of tickets).Students


Manish Tiwari

Xavier’s Cup Final Students List

Xavier’s Cup Final Students List

Dear All,
Below is the final list of students for Xavier’s Cup.
Date of the event: 11th February 2017
Venue: Xavier’s School 
Timings: 8:00 am.
Students are requested to reach Xavier’s school directly at 8:00 am. Also, carry your id card & extra food.
Football Team:
Sr No Name Grade
1 Nimit Amit Agarwal 7
2 Divyansh Vishnu Vakharia 7
3 Samyak Mayank Jain 8
4 Manas Nitin Arora 8
5 Dev Kartik Patel 8
6 Neev Nirav Jogani 8
7 Dheer Anand Sekhani 8
8 Tilak Gajendra Patel 8
9 Harsh Kunj Kedia 8
10 Jay Bhupatbhai Mavani 8
11 Yash Premal Zaveri 8
12 Deval Chirag Gandhi 9
13 Rishabh Mukesh Bothra 9
14 Jay Dipesh Dasadia 10
15 Kunj Rajubhai Savani 10
16 Harsh Vikas Dhaniwal 10
17 Mitansh Milan Desai 10
18 Ujjaval Devendra Jain 10

Kalp Jitendra Patel


Basketball Team:
Sr No Name Grade
1 Krish Mahendra Gadara 7
2 Kanhav Sanjay Todi 7
3 Prasham Vinay Dhupia 7
4 Devanshu Rajesh Vekariya 7
5 Megh Ankit Shah 7
6 Sidhaant Parimal Fudhanawala 7
7 Akshit Rajesh Nigania 7
8 Harshiv Pankaj Gajjar 8
9 Sunand Gaurav Bansal 8
10 Tanay Vineet Tayal 8
11 Shanay Samir Sanghvi 10
12 Shrey Paresh Rathod 10
13 Dhruv Rajendra Rathod 10
14 Hrishi Minesh Shah 10
15 Khush Vinod Goyal 10
16 Pratik Ved prakash Agarwal 10
17 Mudit Suresh Jain 10
18 Rahul Manoj Desai 11
19 Darshan Bharat Shah 11
20 Satwik Raj Goyal 11
21 Jugal JIgnesh Kachiwala 11
22 Abhishek Gulshan Chopra 11



Fountainhead School.

Homework- 9th February

Homework- 9th February

UOI : Below are the questions you need to answer, in your UOI notebook, based on the movie you watched today.

  1. “Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their evolving sense of self” explain this statement in context of the movie.
  2. What are the challenges faced by an Adult?
  3. What are the challenges faced by an adolescent?
  4. What is your key take away from the movie?
  5. Which qualities of the characters helped them cope with the challenges? What finally helped them achieve normalcy?
  6. What are the similarities and differences between you and Anna?

Write the speech in Journal sheet-

  • Imagine you are invited as a guest speaker for the same unit, next year. Write a narrative on what are the things you would talk about?( You may want to talk about- Your feelings at the initial stages of the unit, how you became confident using dictionary terms and are comfortable talking about it now as well, how you have become open minded and appreciative of differences in individuals while growing up as well as the cultural differences, Your main take aways from the unit.)
  • OPINIONS AND FEELINGS CONCERNING THE “OPPOSITE” SEX. You can consider the following questions in their essays: 1) In what ways are you different from other students in your class? 2) How are you the same as other students in your class? 3) Is friendship with the other gender different from same gender friendship? How and why? 4)Do you change your actions and activities when you’re in the presence of the other gender?
Highlights and Homework – 09/02/2017

Highlights and Homework – 09/02/2017

Dear parents,


Students were introduced to subtraction of like fractions using manipulatives. Later, they solved few addition and subtraction sums in their Math notebook.



1). Solve the following in your Math notebook:

a). 20/12 – 11/12

b). 7/11 – 6/11

c). 8/9 – 4/9

d). 19/18 – 14/18

e). 5/8 – 1/8

2).  Practice from the link given below:

Pinky Shah

Recap of the day – 9/2/17

Recap of the day – 9/2/17

Read aloud of the book “The Hello ,Goodbye Window “was conducted.
U O I – Learners continued their research work and wrote notes in the research booklet.
Language – Learners were given new word list after explaining the meaning and pronunciation(Current, terms, swim, particular, property, huge, voice, seen, cried, plan, notice, south, sing, ground, town, unit, figure, certain, field, travel).
Learners learnt how to send an E – mail using the chromebooks ,the components of an email, purpose of using email and basic etiquettes for the same.
they were also shown Google + and its uses .
Homework –
Math – Do the pages in the booklet (the animal that jumps) as per instructions given in the class.
LWE – Week 16 day 2 to be done as explained in the class.
Maintain the reading log .
Highlights and Homework – 09th February, 2017

Highlights and Homework – 09th February, 2017

Day 5 – Thursday.

They learnt about blogs, Google+ and Video conferencing tools like Skype which enables virtual face-to-face discussions with people in real time, no matter where in the world they are.
Language:  Learners made spidergram while revising the key idea and supporting details. They did the same in groups as well.
UOI: Discussed the five aspects pertaining to the natural resources and the various information seeking strategies. Later, “Source” (one of the five aspects) was taken up in class where learners’ were showed a video. Students wrote their reflection along with the points noted down by them in a booklet.
Math: Do the homework in the math booklet as explained in the class.
Language: Read Chapter no: 13 from reader and write a summary about it in your notebook.
Highlights and Homework of 9th February,2017

Highlights and Homework of 9th February,2017


U.O.I: The students revised the learning engagements done so far in the current unit- Media making connections to the lines of inquiries.

Language: Chapter 12 of Charlotte’s Web was read and comprehended.

Math: The concept of subtraction was introduced through illustrations and then few subtraction sums were also solved.


Math: 1). Solve the following in your Math notebook:

a). 20/12 – 11/12

b). 7/11 – 6/11

c). 8/9 – 4/9

d). 19/18 – 14/18

e). 5/8 – 1/8

2).  Practice the link given below: