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Day: February 15, 2017

Highlights of the day: Feb 15

Highlights of the day: Feb 15


Discussion of the questions and answers of “Max crosses the road”  was held in the class.


Math worksheet was explained and solved as “We do” part in class.


 Learners were introduced to an online collaboration tool – Padlet.


The second aspect “Availability” was catered in class where learners’ were showed a graph and later an article was read. Students copied the notes from the board that were made as a class in the given booklet.




Hindi Homework for Sr.KG (Cycle-26)

Hindi Homework for Sr.KG (Cycle-26)

कक्षा कार्य:

  • ‘ट,ठ,ड,ढ’ वर्ण सिखाए गए |
  • ‘क से झ’ वर्णों का पुनरावर्तन करवाया गया |
  • ‘ट,ठ,ड,ढ’ वर्ण को clay  से बनवाए गए | (इस गतिविधि की झलक नीचे दिए गए  फोटो में देखें)


  • जिस तरह विद्यार्थियों ने कक्षा में  क्ले से वर्ण बनाए थे उसी प्रकार clay से(या clay ना हो तो गूंधे हुए आटे से) ‘क से ढ’ तक के वर्ण बच्चों से बनवाएँ और उनकी फोटो हिन्दी शिक्षिका के email ID पर भेजे |


COS: Physics Numericals- Waves

COS: Physics Numericals- Waves

Grade9 – G9 Fortuity
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Feb 22 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Solve the worksheet on waves which is also shared on classroom

Expected Time: 30 mins

Grade 7 Interdisciplinary unit (science and athletics)

Grade 7 Interdisciplinary unit (science and athletics)

Hello parents and students,

Here the students come up with physics and athletics how goes to hand to hand. Student understand the physics law and how it is applied in athletic events. Student ran 100 meter (linear motion) and 200 meter (circular motion). How both running are different according to their tracks. Students came to know in 100 meter explosive strength, speed required and for 200 meter explosive strength, power, speed and endurance required.

Students also explored the high jump techniques like Fosbury flop, Scissors and the Western roll. They watched a video about how does the Fosbury flop method have an added advantage over the other two.They understood the concept of Centre of mass in brief and related with Newton’s laws of motion. They answered questions such as 1.” Why does an athlete take a short run before taking a jump?”, 2.”Why is it important for the anthete to take a small jump on 1 leg, before leaping forward?” , 3. “What role does weight of the athlete play?”, based on these Laws;
Thus, they identified the concept “connection” between physics and athletics. Here are the glimpses of the ongoing unit.
Thank you.
Gujarat MUN 2017 – 3rd Edition

Gujarat MUN 2017 – 3rd Edition

Dear Students,

Following is the Invitation from Model UN, for one of the most prestigious MUN’s in the Nation, and here it goes…

“Model UN conferences provide students with an opportunity to have an international and multicultural experience which is necessary in the global environment of today. Playing the role of diplomats involved in decision making and resolution forming within various simulated organs of the United Nations helps them do the same. MUNs are not only a debating platform but also a source of personality development.

Post conducting two extremely successful conferences, Gujarat MUN team has set a milestone to conduct one of the largest youth conferences in India with the quality of conference which is known across and beyond the Gujarat circuit.

We warmly invite the students of your esteemed institution to be a part of the third edition of the Gujarat Model United Nations Conference 2017 to be held at Club O7, Ahmedabad on 24th and 25th June 2017.

We look forward to potential delegates who are willing to gain perspective on a plethora of global affairs and host you at GMUN 2017, with your cooperation and support we shall succeed in our aim to serve the best and provide an array of opportunities”.



Event: Gujarat Model UN 2017- 3rd Edition

Venue: Club O7, Ahmedabad

Dates: 24th & 25th June 2017

Suggested for grades: Grade 7 to 12 for Academic year 2017-18 (Current Grade 6 to 11)


Conference Fee for DelegatesRs. 2875/- Includes (Both days Lunch, High tea, access to study guides, delegate Kit) Socials on 24th (Dinner included)

Final date for registration is 27th February 2017. Students are requested to kindly fill up the form, the link of which is mentioned below.

Please note:

  1. For now we require a minimum no. of students, once we have it, we shall then work out the other costs (travel, accommodation and other costs) along with the registration fees and forward the same to the interested participants.
  2. Once registered, you will not be allowed to withdraw your name.
  3. To know more about the GUJMUN’17, kindly refer to the PDF file attached below.




Events team @fountainhead.

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – February 15th

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – February 15th

UOI : Learners discussed their responses in formative assessment. They further clarified doubts and revised some learning. The discussion was about changes, peer pressure, self esteem and responsibility that comes with changes.

Language : Students explored two different poems under ‘satire’ and ‘humorous’ genre. The poems were ‘What to do with a Dinosaur’ and ‘My robot’s misbehaving’, from their EE reference book. The teacher read aloud the poems one by one followed by a discussion of the question and answers.

Math : Learners revisited equivalent fractions and comparisons of fractions through Ganit Mala and Banana engagement.

Homework :

Complete Hindi and Gujarati homework.

Regarding Change in Timetable.

Regarding Change in Timetable.

Dear Students,

With your mock exams approaching, it is evident that you need more time for self-study. Considering this, we are changing the school timings for grade 10, applicable from 20th February (Day 5 will be followed). Timings will be 08:50 am to 02:00 pm.

The timetable has been modified to accommodate this change, wherein the subjects where the curriculum is pending have been given slots accordingly.

The teachers have also made a specific revision plan other than just doing past papers so that the difficult topics are revised. If you have any suggestions for the revision plan, you can also speak to your subject teachers regarding the same.

Students who want to stay back after 02:00 pm, to solve specific doubts with any subject teacher should take a prior appointment from the subject teacher and it has to be approved by Senior School Vice Principal.

Mock exams will be conducted on the pre-decided dates.

P.S – on 23rd Feb – IGCSE Hindi examinations are scheduled, so French students will come and attend French classes on this day. Timings 9:30 am to 11:30 am. All students will leave by 11:45 am bus route. Bus route details will be posted soon.

Please find the link to the new timetable here- Grade 10 Timetable


Fountainhead School.

Highlights and Homework for 15th February

Highlights and Homework for 15th February



  • Students explored three different poems under ‘satire’ and ‘humourous’ genre. The three poems were ‘What to do with a Dinosaur’, ‘My robot’s misbehaving’, and “I am staying home from school today” from their EE textbook. The teacher read aloud the poems one by one followed by a discussion of the question and answers.


  • Students revised the concepts of equivalent fractions and comparison of fractions through different classroom activities.
    • The Concept of Equivalent fraction was made clear to the students.
    • The teacher placed 1,2 and 3 bananas on 3 tables respectively and selected 10 students randomly to choose the table where they will get the maximum amount of bananas. This activity helped them visualize and compare fractions.


  • Learners wrote a self affirmation letter on learners had to think and imagine how they want to see themselves 2 years later, how they feel about themselves and what makes them believe in themselves.


Complete your single subject homework without fail.

Happy Learning!!!


Richa Sarda

HRT- Grade 6 Enlighten