Senior KG Highlights of the week 13th February – 18th February

Senior KG Highlights of the week 13th February – 18th February

Circle Time:-

  • Read aloud from Senior KG book list and Cambridge Reader list
  • Rhymes
  • Phonological Awareness:- Revision of syllables, phonemes and sentence formation
  • WOW – Building Material

UOI: Homes

  • TDT: Where we are in place & time.
  • Central idea: To meet their needs people construct houses based on the location & availability of resources.

Learning Engagements:-

  • Students compared the houses in 2 different regions through Venn Diagram
  • Assessments


  • Revision of different techniques of addition through worksheets
  • Revision of clock and all the operations done till date through Learning centers


  1. Introduction of the digraph “oo” and “OO” with an action and a song.

            ‘oo’ words: look, took, shook, hook, book, good, wood, wool, tooth, hood,

            ‘OO’ words: moon, soon, frooti, foot, fool, stool, cool, zoo,roof, proof, boom, tool,          root, groove, kangaroo, food

  1. Revision of Tricky words : me, do, why, where, who was done
  2. Copy writing of few sentences on themselves under the title “This is me”

Language: Writing of ‘ng’ , ‘ee’ and ‘or’ words in notebook (one time)

Math: Addition worksheet

Important: If your child is reflecting or inquiring at home, kindly inform the HRT through Daily diary.


Sr. KG Team.

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