Highlights and Homework for 20th February 2017

Highlights and Homework for 20th February 2017

[Highlight Of The Day]

UOI: Students presented their poster as a part of their UOI summative assessment and the literary event ‘Ad Mad’.

The three finalists from Resilience section for the Ad mad Literary Event are:

  • Agastya Agarwal
  • Advait Goyal
  • Prasham Patel

Math: Students independently solved division sums in their Math notebook.


Math: Do as directed

  1. 2/5 x 3/5
  2. 3/10 x 5/10
  3. 4/8 x 5/8
  4. 12/15  /  4/15
  5. 10/15  /  2/15

Practice Link: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/fraction-arithmetic/arith-review-multiply-fractions/e/multiplying_fractions_0.5


For HMB kindly send tiffins from home and no coupons as we will be starting the event early.

Participants will have to present their advertisement in the time limit of 2 Minutes.

Best of luck!!!!

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