Highlights of the day: 20 Feb

Highlights of the day: 20 Feb


 Division with 0 and 1 was catered in class. Later students revised the division vocabulary in class.

Teacher used monterro cubes and modelled how to divide a specific number. Later learners’ were given sums to solve independently.


Dictation was taken.

Following is the new word list given today  

( Upon, President, Brown, Trouble, lost, sent, symbols, wear, experiment, engine, alone, drawing, single, company, probably, necessary, major, army, forest, chance)


The aspects “Management” and “Conservation” was catered today where learners’ were showed a video and later an article was read. Students copied the notes from the board that were made as a class in the given booklet.



Illustrate(draw) and answer the question

1) You have 18 pencils and want to make 6 equal groups.

(a) How many groups have you made?

(b) How many pencils are there in each group?

2) There are 18 pencils and you want to put them into groups of 6.

(a) How many pencils are there in each group?

(b) How many groups did you make?

Follow the link and play the game:



Write the meaning of the words trouble, symbols, experiment ,probably and necessary in your language notebook.

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