G9 ICT Curriculum Progress

G9 ICT Curriculum Progress

Dear Parents,

The following topics have been discussed in ICT classes:

Unit 9 – Audiences

9.1 Audience appreciation

  • Show a clear sense of audience when planning and creating ICT solutions
  • Analyse the needs of an audience
  • Explain why solutions must meet the needs of the audience

9.2 Legal, moral, ethical and cultural appreciation

  • Explain the need for copyright legislation and the principles of copyright relating to computer software (e.g. software piracy)
  • Describe methods that software producers employ to prevent software copyright being broken
  • Discuss the legal, moral, ethical and cultural implications of creating an ICT solution
  • Create ICT solutions that are responsive to and respectful of the needs of the audience
  • Discuss why the internet is not policed (although legislation is enforced in some countries) and the effects of this, including the existence of inappropriate sites

A small but interesting debate was conducted on the topic – “Should Internet be policed?”. Learners were divided into two groups for the debate.

Activities 9c and 9d from textbook were also done.

Thanks & Regards,
Mayur Patel, Nazim Pirani

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