Day 3-Highlights and homework of the day!! (24th Feb, 2017)

Day 3-Highlights and homework of the day!! (24th Feb, 2017)


The TDT, Central Idea, Lines of inquiry as well as the inquiry cycle was discussed for the current unit on space.


1.Summative assessment of Informative report writing was completed.

2. LWE-Week 15- Weekend home task was discussed and Adverb were introduced.


Area model in multiplication was introduced in class and practice for the same was given in note book.


Language Notebook:

Q1. Frame types of sentences using the following picture.

Image result for kids playing in the space animated


  • Declarative – A declarative sentence makes a statement.
  • Interrogative – An interrogative sentence asks a question.
  • Exclamatory – An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling.
  • Imperative – An imperative sentence gives a command or a request.

Q2. Frame sentences using the following words:

technology, rotation, revolution, earth, surface.


1.Revise and learn the tables of  5, 6, 7 and 8.

2. Math notebook- Students have to solve the given sums using Area Model and Vertical Model(Traditional method):

a. 3 X 4

b. 7 X 8

c. 9 X 2

d. 6 X 5


Bhumika Manglani 🙂

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