‘Grade 11_Mathematical_Studies_SL_Final_Examination_Details.’

‘Grade 11_Mathematical_Studies_SL_Final_Examination_Details.’

Dear Learners:

Find below the curriculum for the Final term  Assessment April 2017 :

Unit1 : Number and  Algebra.

Unit2: Descriptive Statistics

Unit 3: Logic, Set and Probability

Unit 4: Statistical Application

Unit 5: Geometry and Trigonometry

Find below the details and requirements of Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1:

1)Learners are permissible to access GDC in this Paper.

2)There will be 15 questions each of 6 marks in Paper 1 totalling to  90 Marks.

3)All questions of  Paper 1 will contain short response based questions and representation of answers needs to done in the question paper itself.


Paper 2:

1) Learners are permissible to access GDC in this Paper.

2)There will  be 6 long comprehensive questions sum totalling to  90 Marks.

3) Separate answer sheets will be provided to jot down the answers.

4) Graph papers will be provided if required.

5) Formula booklet will be provided along with the Question Paper.


Ranjeet Dutta
Jaykumar Barot

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