Grade 8_Mathematics_Syllabus of FINAL TERM_2016-17

Grade 8_Mathematics_Syllabus of FINAL TERM_2016-17

Dear Parents and Students,

Please find below the SECOND Term Syllabus of Math and exam related details.

Topics included :

  1. Speed : It includes speed, distance, time, conversions and travel graph.
  2. Vocabulary for sets of Numbers : It includes Number system and the concept of Absolute values.
  3. Approximation and rounding : It includes rounding of numbers to specified places, significant figures, appropriate accuracy and estimating answers to calculations.
  4. Percentages : It includes conversion of fractions, decimals and percentages into other forms, simple percentages, calculating a percentage of a quantity, expressing one quantity as a percentage of another, percentage increase and decrease, simple interest, compound interest, reverse percentages, profit and loss, marked price and discount.
  5. Algebraic representation and manipulation : It includes expanding brackets, simple factorising, substitution and rearranging formulae.
  6. Further algebraic representation and manipulation : It includes expansion of two factors, factorisation by grouping, Identities, factorising quadratic expressions and rearranging complex formulae.
  7. Laws of Indices : It includes positive indices, negative indices and zero index including all the rules and simplification of indices.
  8. Algebraic fractions : It includes simplifying algebraic fractions and addition and subtraction of algebraic fractions.
  9. Linear And Simultaneous equations: It includes Solving and constructing simple linear equations, Constructing Formula, Simultaneous Equations-by Elimination and Substitution method, Constructing more complex equations, Solving Quadratic Equations by Factorising and using identities.
  10. Pythagoras Theorem. It includes Pythagorean Triplets.
  11. Surds: It includes simplification of Surds, Rationalizing Fractions with Surds in the denominator.
  12. Mensuration: It includes area and perimeter of 2D shapes, Circumference and area of circle, Arc length and area of sector, Area and volume of 3D shapes-Cube, Cuboid, and Cylinder.
  13. Statistics: It includes basic graphs and charts-Line graph,Frequency histogram, Pie charts,Compound bar chart, Constructing grouped frequency table, Discrete and continuous data, Stem and leaf plots, Back to back diagrams, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Quartile and interquartile range of given data,  , Constructing Cumulative Frequency.
  14. Direct and Inverse Variations.

Apart from your textbook, All the work done in the class and  all the worksheets shared on google classroom will be considered as a part of your syllabus.


There will be three separate question papers in Math exam, the details of which is as follows:

  1. Paper 2 – 30 minutes – 20 marks.

Compulsory short response questions based on the syllabus mentioned. (There would not be any option in the question paper).

Use of calculator is not permitted.


  1. Paper 4 – 1 hour 30 minutes – 60 marks

Compulsory medium to extended response questions based on the syllabus mentioned. (There would not be any option in the question paper).

Use of calculator is not permitted.


  1. Paper 6 – 1 hour – 20 marks

One investigation question.

Use of calculator is not permitted.

[Important notice]

  • All the instructions will be available on the cover page/first page of the question booklet.
  • Entire paper is to be written in the space provided in question booklet. No additional/extra graphs or supplementary will be provided.
  • All the resources needs to be carried by you, sharing of which will not be allowed.
  • Graph paper is not supposed to be brought by you.

In case of any query or concern, please feel free to approach any of the Grade- 8 Math Teachers.

Thanks and Regards,

Grade 8 Math team.

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