Highlights and homework for the day!!! (28/02/2017)

Highlights and homework for the day!!! (28/02/2017)


Students have practiced multiplication word problems in the note books using Area Model and teacher role modeled the format of writing statements and answer at the end.


  1. Summative assessment on types of sentences was conducted today.
  2. The students read a short story “A Forest Picnic” and framed questions using 5Ws and 1H strategy along with the teacher. They also framed few questions on their own in their language note books.

L.D: Week 16, day 4 was discussed in class.


Math: to be done in Math note book.

Solve the given sums by writing proper statements and find the product using Area Model.

1. An octopus has 8 legs. Krish counted 5 octopuses in the tank. How many legs does the octopuses have in all?

2. There are 7 markers in a tumbler. So how many markers will be there in 3 such tumblers?

3. There are 5 petals in one flower and there are 6 flowers on a plant. So how many petals are there altogether?

Kindly make students learn and revise tables till 10.



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