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Day: February 28, 2017

Highlights and Homework for 28th February 2017

Highlights and Homework for 28th February 2017

[Highlight Of The Day]

Math: A) Formative assessment to check for understanding of ‘Operation of fractions’ was taken.

B) Short Word problems on Addition and Subtraction of fractions were solved.

Language: Students were introduced to narrative writing and its characteristics through a read aloud of the personal narrative piece ‘My summer’.


Language: Punctuate and Parse Week 19 Day 4 and 5 in your language writing book.

Math: Solve the following


1) During the long weekend you played for 1/8 of an hour on Friday, 3/8 of an hour on Saturday, 4/8 of an hour on Sunday, How many hours did you play during the weekend?

2) Ram and Rahim ate 5/6 pieces of cake. If Ram ate 2/6 piece of cake, how much did Rahim eat?

3) What is 2/5 of a collection of 50 balls?

4) What is 3/7th of 21 chocolates?


Formative Assessment notebook has been sent. Kindly sign and send it back tomorrow. 

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Highlights and homework of the day (day 5)

Highlights and homework of the day (day 5)


  • The teacher revised the concept of multiplication with regrouping using area model and traditional method.


  • The students will solve the following sums in the notebook using area .

1. 24×4.

Note: Revise and learn the tables from 2 to 10 on a regular basis.



Recap of the day – 28/2/17

Recap of the day – 28/2/17

Math -Learners practiced dividing numbers that has more than one digit with long division.
Learners revised different ways to do division eg. repeated subtraction, number line, array and grouping.
Homework –
Math –  Do one page from the  booklet as explained.
Solve the following division sums: (the way we practice in class with verification.)
a) 55​/​5
​ ​b) 96 / 4 
c) 72 / 3 
d) 52 / 2
​play the game ​
Language -  Read chapter 17 from The Magic Faraway and underline the difficult words. Write the meaning of the underlined words in the language notebook and make 10 sentences .

Maintain the reading log.

Highlights and Homework – 28/02/2017

Highlights and Homework – 28/02/2017

Dear parents,


Students appeared for the formative assessment on ‘Elements of a Story’.


  1. Students have to complete the worksheet given.
  2. Students have to read the third paragraph of the Chapter ‘Pandora’s Box’, take all the words for the gifts of Pandora and categorize them as either nouns or adjectives. Then next to each noun they have to write a corresponding adjective and vice versa in their Language E.E notebook.

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Highlights and Homework of 28th February, 2017

Highlights and Homework of 28th February, 2017


Math: The students learned to solve multiplication word problems.

UOI: Tuning in of the unit was done through the products that the students brought.


Math: Solve the following:

1) Rajvi read 2/10 of a book on Saturday and 5/10 of a book on Sunday. What fraction of book did she read during the weekend? What fraction of book is yet to be read?

2) On a winter day you drank 4/24 of a liter in the morning, 12/24 of a liter during the noon, and 8/24 of a liter in the evening. How many liters of water did you drink?

3) Riya and Siya were playing a treasure hunt game. Riya explored 3/8 of the treasure and Siya explored 4/8 of the treasure. How much treasure did they explore in all? How much treasure was left unexplored?

4) Gopi is doing her math homework. She has 20 problems in all. After an hour, she only has 1/5 of those problems left. How many problems does she have left?

5) Mala wants to cut her hair. Her hair is 24 inches long. Her mom says that she can cut off 2/3 of her hair, to donate. How many inches of hair will Mala donate?

UOI: Answer the following in your settling task notebook.

 Q:1 What do you think the activity was about ?

Q:2 What do I want to know?

Q:3 What am I wondering and what questions do I have?


Recap of the day – 28th February, 2017

Recap of the day – 28th February, 2017

Day 5, Tuesday

UOI: Learners gave self-reflection of the unit.

Math: Steps to solve a division sum was catered. Later, students solved few division sums independently.

Read aloud was conducted.


Math: Solve the following division sums:

a) 55 ÷ 5      b) 96 ÷ 4      c) 72 ÷ 3      d) 52 ÷ 2

Click on the following link and play the game :

Homework- 28/2/17

Homework- 28/2/17


Students have to find out the meanings of the following words and write them in their writing notebooks:-

Sprinkling, moistened, aloft, blatting, dimes, nickels, grabbed, pickpockets, cautioned, scrambled.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students will solve this interactive quiz/game on goods and services from the links given below:


2.        filename=em310_dragndrop_v2_save_2.swf&lid=310


NOTE:- The FA books were sent yesterday. Please acknowledge and send them back.


Kavita Arora