Grade 8_COS_Final term_Syllabus

Grade 8_COS_Final term_Syllabus

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Kindly find the grade 8 COS syllabus for the final term below:


Subject Topic/Unit(No. & Name) Learning objectives/Subtopics

(Sub No. & details)

Physics P1: Motion

P2: Matter and forces


P11: Magnetism

All subtopics of these units as per IGCSE COS syllabus 2017-18
Chemistry C1 – The particulate nature of matter

C2 – Experimental techniques

C3 – Atoms,elements and compounds

C6 – Energy changes in chemical reactions

C9 – The periodic table

Following subtopics as per IGCSE 2017-18 syllabus:

C1, C2 : Complete

C3 : 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4  [1, 2, 3] and 3.5

C6 : Complete

C9 : 1, 2, 9.1

Biology B1- Characteristics of living-organism

B2 – Cells

B3 – Enzymes

B4 – 4.1 Nutrients

All topics are as per IGSCE syllabus 2017-18

B1, B2, B3 – complete

B4 – 4.1 only

*IGCSE 2017-18 syllabus will be followed.

* All the sub-topics of the main topics included in the exam are mentioned in the third column.

*In case of any queries, kindly approach your COS subject teachers.


Science Team

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