Highlights and homework for 2nd March 2017

Highlights and homework for 2nd March 2017



Students created a timeline of their life which included information about their identity, their most cherished memories with family, their likes and dislikes, traditions and rituals followed in their families, their aspirations etc. Students stuck photographs which represented some of the major events in their life.


Students learned how to divide a quantity when a ratio of parts is given and practiced some questions on it. Later, they visually compared the sizes of different states with one another and then computed the actual ratio once they got to know about the area of the states.


1)Attempt this exercise –

https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math/cc-6th-ratios-prop-topic/cc-6th-ratio-word-problems/e/ratio_word_problems 2) Watch this video and answer the

2) Watch this video and answer the following questions in your Math NB


– Who were they looking for? – What clue did they get? – What calculation they did in order to find him? -Were they able to find the man they were looking for?

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