Highlights and homework for Day 6 & Day1 !!! (01/03/2017 and 02/03/2017)

Highlights and homework for Day 6 & Day1 !!! (01/03/2017 and 02/03/2017)

Day 6 (01/03/2017)


End of the unit (Space) reflection was taken through a worksheet to check for their enduring understanding of the unit.


Dictation was conducted.


The teacher revised the concept of multiplication through word problems using area model and traditional method(vertical sums).

Day 1 (02/03/2017)


  • Revision of simple multiplication word problems was done orally.
  • Students have solved multiplication regrouping sums (Area model as well as traditional method)


Reflection of tuning in activities for the new unit was taken through discussion and worksheet.

ICT:  Students were given practice to read text from the short story “A Forest Picnic” and type in a document file on chrome books (so as to speed up their typing skills with minimum errors.).

Practice for assembly performance was done.


Math: Students have to solve the given worksheet on multiplication and grid.

ICT:  Students have to complete typing the story “A Forest Picnic” in the same document file which they have saved in their drives in class.



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