Highlights and Homework of the day: 2nd March

Highlights and Homework of the day: 2nd March

Language :

  1. The students listened to the story  “Too much noise” and framed questions using 5Ws and 1H strategy along with the teacher.
  2. Dictation was conducted. (1st March).


  • The teacher revised the concept of multiplication with regrouping using area model and traditional method.


  • Reflection of the prior knowledge activity of the new unit was done.


  • Frame sentences: space, Earth, technology, galaxy, moon, orbit.


  • Find the product: 34 × 3 , 58 × 2 , 26 × 4, 56 × 5 , 48 × 3.(Vertical multiplication: Solve with traditional as well as area method).
  • Word problems:

1)A town has 4 post offices. In each post office there are 12 workers. How many workers do the post offices have in total?

2)Each child has 6 blocks. If there are 14 children, how many blocks are there in total?

3)A teacher has 3 boxes of chalk. Each box has 14 pieces of chalk. How many pieces of chalk does the teacher have in all?

4)A summer camp has 6 cabins, and 12 campers can sleep in each cabin. How many campers can the cabins hold?

  • Learn tables from 2 to 10 on a regular basis.

Refer to the image below for reference :

Image result for tables from 2 to 10

Important note:

  • The students need to submit all the homework on Monday (6th March).But they have to bring their notebooks tomorrow for the regular slots.


Bhumika Jain(HRT)

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