Highlights and Homework of the day: 2nd March

Highlights and Homework of the day: 2nd March

Language :

  1. Summative assessment of Informative report writing was conducted.
  2. The students listened to the story  “Too much noise” and framed questions using 5Ws and 1H strategy along with the teacher.
  3. Dictation was conducted. (1st March).


  • The teacher revised the concept of multiplication with regrouping using area model and traditional method.


  • Reflection of the prior knowledge activity of the new unit was done.


Language: ICT: 

  • The students will  write the first paragraph from the passage , The Forest Picnic in google drive and share with their friends. (refer the language notebook)
  • Frame sentences: space, Earth, technology, galaxy, moon, orbit.


  • Find the product: 34 × 3 , 58 × 2 , 26 × 4, 56 × 5 , 48 × 3.(Vertical multiplication: Solve with traditional as well as area method)
  • Mix bag worksheet.
  • Word problems:

1)A town has 4 post offices. In each post office there are 12 workers. How many workers do the post offices have in total?

2)Each child has 6 blocks. If there are 14 children, how many blocks are there in total?

3)A teacher has 3 boxes of chalk. Each box has 14 pieces of chalk. How many pieces of chalk does the teacher have in all?

4)A summer camp has 6 cabins, and 12 campers can sleep in each cabin. How many campers can the cabins hold?

  • Learn tables from 2 to 10 on a regular basis.

Refer to the image below for reference :

Image result for tables from 2 to 10

Important note:

  • The students need to submit all the homework on Monday (6th March).


Runa Nath(HRT)

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