Recap of the day – 2nd March, 2017

Recap of the day – 2nd March, 2017

Day 1, Thursday

ICT: Learners were introduced to Code Studio. Later, learners played all the Course 2 Stage 3 activities on chromebooks.

UOI: Learners did few activities and reflected on the same to tune into the new unit.

Math: Learners practiced division sums with remainder.


ICT: Practice activities of Course 2 Stage 4 from Code Studio (teacher has explained about what is to be done in the class)


Math : Solve the following division sums in your math H.W. notebooks (check your answers using the formula taught in the class : Divisor x Quotient + Remainder = Dividend).

a) 68 / 7      b) 92 / 3         c) 46 / 5       d) 23 / 2        e) 42 / 5

Click on the below given link to play the game:

Learn tables too.


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