Highlights and Homework. – 3/3/2017

Highlights and Homework. – 3/3/2017


Math: The teacher solved their doubts of HW word problems. Later, they identified and solved the mixed  word problems independently.

Language: Students read the dialogues in the personal narrative piece “The Christmas present” and simultaneously observed the punctuation, grammar and vocabulary used while writing a dialogue. Later, they learned about the conventions of writing dialogues.


Language: Write a short piece (60- 80 words) on your experience of interviewing your favorite sports person. Pay attention to the types of questions you will ask (exploratory or factual) and the conventions to writing dialogues in narratives.

Math: Do as directed:

  1. A group of grade 4  students were standing in line for food. 4/8 of them were boys and 2/8 of them were girls. What is the total fraction of students that were standing in a line?
  2. Jack ran around 2/6 of the track. Jill  ran around 5/6 of the track. How much more did Jill run than Jack?
  3. A box of paper clips fell on the floor. Of the 50 paper clips,  Betty picked up 2/5 and Binny picked up 3/5.  Who picked up more paper clips?
  4. A rope that is ¾ meter  in length is cut into 2 pieces of equal length. How long is each piece?
  5. Add:  8/25 + 7/25
  6. Subtract: 15/38 – 9/38
  7. Multiply: 4/7 x 3/7
  8. Divide: 9/14 ÷ 3/14
  9. Simplify and check which fractions are reduced to 0, ½, ¾ or 1:

15/30, 11/11, 4/14, 0/12, 4/0, 6/6, 12/24, 15/20

10) Find out which fraction  is bigger?  1/20 or ½

11)  Find the LCM and HCF:

  1.             i) 45 and 54   ii) 64 and 78    iii) 21 and 22
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