Highlights of the week :27th Feb to 3rd March 2017

Highlights of the week :27th Feb to 3rd March 2017

Circle Time:

  • Read aloud from Senior Kg book list and Cambridge Reader list
  • Rhymes
  • Phonological Awareness: Revision of syllables, phonemes and sentence formation
  • WOW: Habitat

Introduction of a new rhyme “Good Morning”


Good Morning by Muriel Snipe

from Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young

One day I saw a downy duck

With feathers on his back;

I said, “Good morning, downy duck,”

And he said, “Quack, quack, quack.”

One day I saw a timid mouse

He was so shy and meek;

I said, “Good morning, timid mouse,”

And he said, “Squeak, squeak, squeak.”

One day I saw a curly dog

I met him with a bow;

I said, “Good morning, curly dog,”

And he said, “Bow-wow-wow.”

One day I saw a scarlet bird

He woke me from my sleep;

I said, “Good morning, scarlet bird,”

And he said, “Cheep, cheep, cheep.”

UOI: Adaptation.

TDT: Sharing the planet.

Central idea: Animals adapt to survive in their natural habitat.

Learning Engagements:

Teachers conducted a role play related to animals , which helped the learners gain an insight about different animals and the places they live in. Post the role play, student reflections were noted on a KWL chart (K- What do I know? , W- What I want to know? , L- What i have learnt?)

Read aloud of books related to different animals were taken up which helped to activate the background knowledge of the learners. Later, they came up with different habitats like snow, water, desert and grassland.



  • Revision of addition vocabulary.
  • Introduction of Addition facts  of numbers 4 and 5 was done using different manipulatives.
  • Revision of addition word problems was done orally.



  • Introduction of  th/ th  sounds:
  • Words taken up are: (hard th) /th/i/n/, /th/i/ck/, /th/i/n/k/, /th/u/m/b/, /th/ir/s/t/, /th/ie/f/, /t/oo/th/, /f/i/f/th/, /th/or/n/, /th/i/ng/, /th/r/ow/, /th/u/n/d/er/, /p/a/th/, /b/a/th/, /py/th/o/n/, /m/a/r/a/th/o/n/, /bir/th/, /p/a/th/, /th/r/oa/t/, /m/a/th/, /b/r/ea/th/, /s/ou/th/, /m/o/th/
  • (Soft th) sound: /hea/l/th/y/, /th/e/m/, /th/ey/, /the/,  /th/e/m/s/e/l/v/es/, /th/o/se/, /th/e/se/, /th/a/t/, /th/i/s/, /th/e/re/, /th/ei/r/, /th/e/se/, /th/ou/gh/, /th/e/r/e/f/o/re/, /f/ea/th/er/, /w/ea/th/er/, /t/o/g/e/th/er/, /f/a/th/er/, /m/o/th/er/, /b/r/o/th/er/, /ei/th/er/, /g/a/th/er/, /a/n/o/th/er/, /l/ea/th/er/, /r/a/th/er/, /b/r/ea/th/e
  1. Revision of digraphs
  2. Revision of tricky words: right, two, four, goes, does


Language and Math: Worksheet

Important: If your child is reflecting or inquiring at home, kindly inform the HRT through Daily diary.

Have a great weekend!!


Sr. Kg Team.


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