Highlights of the Week- 27th February to 3rd March

Highlights of the Week- 27th February to 3rd March

Circle Time :

  Rhymes:   Revision of all rhymes


Read aloud:

  1. Leonardo the terrible monster by Mo Willems
  2. When the rooster crowed by Patricia Lillie
  3. Guess how much I love you by Sam Mcbratney
  4. Hush little ones by John Butler
  5. Something to do by David Lucas
  6. Monkeys drum by Anita Moorthy


Central idea:  Animals and people interact in different ways in different contexts.

  • Revision of all the topics done.


  • Picture talk: Revision of the previous pictures were done.



  • Introduction of number 9
  • Revision of quantification till number 16 through manipulatives


  • Revision of all topics done till now and Y box performance practice.

Free Play:

Learners were given different toys like: pipe link, rubber links and slate-chalk

Homework: UOI worksheet.



  • Parent’s kindly share with us if your child is reflecting anything being taught at school. Please mail us their reflections through daily diary, so we can display on the action board.


  • Parents please make sure you child doesn’t stay absent often as we have our final Y box performance practice going on.



Have a nice weekend !


Nursery Team


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