Recap of the day – 3rd March, 2017

Recap of the day – 3rd March, 2017

Day 2, Friday.

UOI:  Students reflected on the activities that were performed by them yesterday.

ICT: Stage 5 and 6 from Code Studio was done by learners using chrome books.

Language: Dictation was taken. New words were given.

New words: Evening, determine, deal, stretched, forward, score, similar, wrong, opposite, agreed, various, plural, oxygen, science, shoulder, rhythm, Planets, stream, chief, and sight.

Math: Learners practiced division sums.


ICT: Practice activities of Course 2 stage 7 and 8 from Code Studio.

Math: Do the given worksheet.

Click on the below given link and play the game:

Language: Read chapter 18 from the reader.

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