Grade 9_Enterprise_Highlights of the week.

Grade 9_Enterprise_Highlights of the week.

Dear Students & Parents,

This week in Grade 9 Enterprise Class, we continued with the Unit: Communicating with other people, wherein we talked about the importance of Language in Communication, the different methods of Communication with Internal stakeholders & External stakeholders of an Enterprise and how important it is to plan for meetings along with Agenda.

Also, a Task has been given to students( of Fortuity &Serendipity) based on the chapter 10.5 & 10.6, wherein students are supposed to present the given assignment on coming Day-6 ( 09th March,2017).

Also, students are recommended to start working on their Enterprise Ideas & written Reports.


Pragati Sagar & Hina Hakim.

Grade 9, Enterprise Educators.

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