Highlights and Homework – 6/3/2017

Highlights and Homework – 6/3/2017


Language: The teacher with the students’ input  identified and added transition words to the writing piece.

UOI: The teacher modeled an activity to identified different roles under goods and service. Later, the students in group bifurcated the activity of Buying/ Baking a cake into goods and services.


UOI: Jot down Goods and Services in your UOI notebook while identifying, noting and bifurcating the answers to the question mentioned below:
* What are the things you did after getting up from bed?
* What items did you use in getting ready?
* What did you eat and what did you use to eat?
* What did you eat for lunch? Who served it?
* How did you get home? Who dropped you home?

Language: Find meanings of the following words in your note book.

Sprinkling, moistened, aloft, blatting, dimes, nickels, grabbed, pickpockets, cautioned, scrambled.

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