Highlights and homework of 6th March

Highlights and homework of 6th March

Day 3


UOI:  Learners recalled the main instances from the drama that was presented by Kavya ma’am about her life journey which included information about her identity, her family members, traditions followed in her family etc. Learners discussed their reflection in ‘Four R’ worksheet and also concluded that without knowing about the history of our nation, we cannot acknowledge its importance in the present world.


Learners understood the importance of history through the discussion on videos mentioned below :



Later, teacher wrote few quotes on the board, related to history and why it is important, after which, a class discussion on the same was taken.



Language: Complete Weekend home task b) from page 69  and Weekend home task a) & b) from page 76, in your LD notebook.

Math: A ratio and proportion worksheet has been shared on your drive. It needs to be solved in your Math notebook, as discussed in class.

UOI: Draw the ‘I see’, ‘I think’, ‘I wonder’table on 2 pages of your PYP exhibition journal, as discussed in the class.


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