Highlights and Homework of the day: 6th March

Highlights and Homework of the day: 6th March

Language :

  • Day 1:-  Teacher read aloud the story ‘Goldilocks‘ and used the comprehension strategy of 5 Ws and 1H for comprehension. She also discussed the story elements with the students.


  • Day 1) Teacher revised the tables and then the students solved word problems with multiplication using Area model and traditional method.


  • Tuning in to the new unit was done through a PPT of Arijit Singh.


  • Students will read the story which will be posted on blog and fill the sheet- story map-

Story Soup – http://www.dltk-teach.com/fables/stonesoup/mtale.htm

Maths :

  • 35 apples can be put in one carton. How many apples can be put in 6 such cartons? 2. A tray has 24 pastries. How many pastries are there in 5 such trays?
  • Maria has 8 T-shirts and each t-shirt has 12 buttons. How many buttons are there on all the T-shirts? There are 48 toffees ina jar. How many toffeeees are there in 6 such jars?
  • There are 62 fish in a pond. How many fish are there in 6 such ponds? A school bus can take 35 students in a single trip. How many students can the bus take in such 5 trips?


Runa Nath(HRT)

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