Highlights and Homework – 7th March, 2017

Highlights and Homework – 7th March, 2017

Dear Parents,

Day 4

Star of the day: Daksh Dhingra and Helly Maniya (For showcasing appropriate classroom behaviour)



A discussion upon using transition words in narrative piece was taken up. Next, the teacher modeled adding transition words to a passage she read and later, the students were added their input to the same.

Students read and comprehended Chapter 17 “Uncle” of the reader “Charlotte’s Web”.


The students practiced  real life word problems on different operations of fractions.



Student will be reading chapter no. 18 of the charlotte’s web “The cool of the evening” thereafter answer the worksheet given to them by choosing the correct option and rewriting the correct answer below in full sentence.

Student will find the meaning of the word and write it in their language writing book:

sac, nifty, languish, carousing, bloated, humble, bystander, confetti, weary, commotion


Malvika Gandhi


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