Highlights and homework for the day!!! (07/03/2017)

Highlights and homework for the day!!! (07/03/2017)



The students were given a table with many options under the headings- What, When, Where, Who, Why and the teacher showed the students how to make funny sentences choosing from any of the options under each heading. The students practiced making such sentences in their language notebook.


Week 17, Day 2 was discussed with the students.


Teacher revised the tables and then the students solved word problems with multiplication using Area model and traditional method.


Tuning in to the new unit was done through a PPT of Arijit Singh.


Math: To be done in math notebook. 

Solve the multiplication word problems by using area model and traditional method.

Do not copy the questions, only write the statements, solve and write the answer in complete sentence.

  1. A tray has 24 pastries. How many pastries are there in 5 such trays?
  2. A school bus can take 35 students in a single trip. How many students can the bus take in such 5 trips?

Keep on revising tables at home.

L.D: Complete the exercise of Week 16, Days 4 and 5 in “Language With Ease” reference book.



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