Highlights and homework of 7th March

Highlights and homework of 7th March

Day 4


UOI: Learners explored five centres. Some of the resources from the centres are as below :









At one of the centre, a read aloud session was taken up about a girl name Urpi. Learners  also watched short videos about life of Charlie Chaplin, Messi and Hitler. Further, they explored severals books like Children’s great explorer encyclopedia, the illustrated timeline of Inventions, Encyclopedia of great explorers, Mistakes that worked by Charlotte Foltz Jones, Great Junior Encyclopedia of Inventions and many more books.

Based on their exploration, learners noted their reflection in the form of I see, I think and I wonder. Discussion will be taken in the next session.

Math: Students solved word problems of Ratio and proportion in their Math notebook.


Math: Complete remaining word problems from the worksheet shared in the class.

Solve the following  in your Math notebook:

  1. Physics tells us that weights of objects on the moon are proportional to their weights on Earth. Suppose an 180 lb man weighs 30 lb on the moon. What will a 60 lb boy weigh on the moon?
  2. The ratio of number of boys and girls is 4 : 3. If there are 18 girls in a class, find the number of boys in the class and the total number of students in the class.
  3. The ratio of number of male and female teachers in a school is 3 : 4. If there are 16 female teachers, find the number of male teachers.

Answer whether the following statements are true or false

(a) 25 : 35 = 45 : 55

(b) 105 : 30 = 49 : 14

(c) 45 : 48 = 60 : 64

(d) 2/3 : 7/9 = 3/4 : 5/6

(e) 4.2 : 12.6 = 1.5 : 4.5

(f) 12 : 18 = 28 : 12

 Questions taken from :http://www.math-only-math.com


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