Highlights and homework of 8th March

Highlights and homework of 8th March

Day 5


UOI: Discussion based on the TDT exploration was done in the class.Following questions guided the students to reflect their understanding.

-Big ideas, Patterns and Connections across all centers, Why is it important to me? What should I learn about to understand this in a better way? Summarize/explain or elaborate what has been learned?

~Whats the connections between Past to Present to Future?

“”History= Past. It is not necessary that only monuments and events have histories, an individual has a history too. ” Students were asked to explain the quote and connections was made to the Life Map , Memories.

Quote taken from : http://www.quotegarden.com/history.html

Session concluded on the note that there is a close connection between understanding history and culture–when we understand history we understand culture.The way each individual is different each society is also different.

Homework: Complete your single subject homework.

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