Highlights of the day (day 5)

Highlights of the day (day 5)

Language :

  •  The students were given a table with many options under the headings- What, When, Where, Who, Why and the teacher showed the students how to make funny sentences choosing from any of the options under each heading. The students practiced making such sentences in their language notebook.
  • Reading time was given.
  • Dictation was conducted.


  • Students revised the tables with the teacher and then solved multiplication word problems using Area model and traditional method.
  • Dodging was done.


  • To enhance the typing skill, the students were provided with an opportunity to type the story ‘The Forest Picnic‘/ Bad Company creating a new Google Document on Drive.


  • Read aloud of the book ‘Grandfather’s Journey’ by Allen S was done and a discussion was taken up in the class.



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