Highlights of the past two weeks- Hindi Grade-7

Highlights of the past two weeks- Hindi Grade-7

Dear students and parents,

We have started with a new unit ‘khel’ Which we introduced by playing a game in the class.
The game was
The students were devided in two teams. A team member got a word to enact and his other team members recognized the word.It helped to improve their vocabulary.

They were given a worksheet based on questions about a player’s life. They were asked to listen to an audio to answer these questions.

The teacher explained them the rules of a game called Kho- Kho written in Hindi language. Based on this students were given a task in pair to research and present rules of different games such as Ludo,Football, Snakes and ladders, carrom, Hockey, Table Tennis etc.

They also played Kho-Kho in one of the Hindi slot.

Students wrote a creative writing on their favourite player.They were asked to research and write 10 lines about the players childhood, his education, his achievements etc.

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