Day 6-Highlights and homework of the day!! (9th March, 2017)

Day 6-Highlights and homework of the day!! (9th March, 2017)


1. Students read the story ‘Bad company‘. They identified the beginning, middle and end of the story and wrote the story in their language notebook under three different headings.

2. To enhance the typing skill, the students were provided with an opportunity to type the story ‘The Forest Picnic‘ creating a new Google Document on Drive.


1. Formative assessment of Dodging of tables was conducted.

2. Students revised multiplication tables with the teacher and then solved multiplication word problems using Area model and traditional method.


1) Math Notebook: Find the product using Traditional method (Vertically):

a. 89 X 5

b. 66 X 8

c. 54 X 7

d. 70 X 9

e. 47 X 4

2) ICT: Story-Empowering English Reference Book – Lesson no. 11 – Fighting Over Things. The students have to type the story given on pg no. 89 in google document, this will help students improve their typing speed.

Important note:

  • Students need to practice dodging of tables on regular basis at home.
  • Please send a book daily for reading during free time in class. Follow the same at home as well.


Bhumika Manglani (HRT)

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