Day 6-Highlights and homework of the day!! (9th March, 2017)

Day 6-Highlights and homework of the day!! (9th March, 2017)


  • Read aloud of the book ‘Grandfather’s Journey’ by Allen S was done and a discussion was taken up in the class.


  • Dictation was conducted.
  • Students read the story ‘Bad company‘. They identified the beginning, middle and end of the story and wrote the story in their language notebook under three different headings


  •  Students revised the tables with the teacher and then solved multiplication word problems using Area model and traditional method.
  • Formative assessment of Dodging Tables was conducted.


  1. Learn and revise the tables from 6 to 9.
  2. Math notebook: Solve the following word problems using area method and traditional method(Vertically):

a. Maria has 8 T-shirts and each t-shirt has 12 buttons. How many buttons are there on all the T-shirts?

b. There are 48 toffees in a jar. How many toffees are there in 6 such jars?

3. Students have to type the story ‘Bad Company’ in google document, this will help students improve their typing speed.


Priyanka Chhabra




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