Grade 5 Alliance – 9th March’17

Grade 5 Alliance – 9th March’17


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Learners explored deeper into the topic ‘Materials’ by watching a video on ‘Physical and Chemical’ changes. They were divided into groups called ‘Thinkers’, ‘Inquirers’, ‘Reflectors’, ‘Communicators’ and ‘Listeners’ in order to gather their understanding on physical and chemical changes. All through the discussion they were able to compare and contrast with the help of instances from the video as well as their everyday experiences, on the changes substances undergo. Some of the learners were able to reason and reflect on their ambiguity around temporary and permanent changes and were able to confidently explain by the end of the video. To sum up the session, their responses were recorded on a chart paper using a ‘T-Diagram’.

Here are few glimpses of the same :



A)  Complete the given tasks in the geometry notebook.

1.  Draw a line AB of 5 cm.
2.  Draw a line segment DC of 8 cm.
3.  Show a point Z
4.  Draw a ray XY of 2 cm.
5.  Draw a line PQ 9 cm.
6.  Draw a line segment ST of 4 cm.
7.  Draw a ray LM of 12 cm.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Bring / illustrate any of the two options from the below mentioned concepts in the A3 sheet provided to you.

1.  Physical changes and chemical changes
2.  Reversible and irreversible changes
3.  States of matter and its properties
4.  Usage of materials

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