Highlights and homework – 9th March’17

Highlights and homework – 9th March’17

PYP Ex : Learners reflected about the exploration of the centres from the previous session. They established the connection with transdisciplinary theme “Where we are in place and time.” They further understood each aspect of TDT in depth by making connections with each aspects. They explored the quote : History= Past. It is not necessary that only monuments and events have histories, an individual has a history too.They further derived that there is a close connection between understanding history and culture and when we understand history we understand culture.

Language : Learners attempted language reading assessment.

Homework :

Maths :

  • Attempt this worksheet.  Exercise 22.4 (Source : Maths Checkpoint)
  • Solve the following sums :- The ratio of boys to girls in a classroom is 6 to 5. If there are a total of 48 boys in the classroom, find the number of girls in the classroom.
  • On a desk, the ratio of HB pencils to 6B pencils is 3 to 4. If there are a total of 12 HB pencils, what is the number of 6B pencils?
  • In a parking lot, the ratio of cars to buses is 6 to 7. If there are 54 cars, what is the number of buses?
  • The ratio of vowels present in two words is 3 to 5. If the first word contains 6 vowels, find the number of vowels in the second word.
  • The ratio of letters in two words is 5 to 2. If the first word contains 15 letters, find the number of letters in the second word.
  • At a farmhouse, there are 40 cats and 45 dogs. Express this in the form of a ratio.
  • The ratio of girls to boys in a certain grade is 2:3. If there are 225 students in total, find the number of girls and boys.
  • A classroom had 35 glue sticks. If the ratio of glue sticks to glue bottles was 5 : 2, how many glue bottles did the classroom have?
  • A student finished 8 of her homework problems in class. If the ratio of problems she finished to problems she still had left was 4 : 1, how many homework problems did she have total?
  • On a Saturday, a library checked out 52 books. If 24 of the books were fiction, what is the ratio of non-fiction books to fiction books checked out?

Note : Revise the concepts of Ratio and Proportion. You will have your maths Summative Assessment.

FA books are sent home. Parents are requested to acknowledge the same by signing it.


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