Highlights and Homework for 9th March

Highlights and Homework for 9th March




1)Write Cyclic reflection keeping in mind the checklist.


1) Aiden found 6 pieces of milk chocolate in two boxes of assorted chocolate. How many pieces of milk chocolate would he probably find in 12 boxes of assorted chocolate?

2) A bookstore sold 16 books in 5 days. At this rate of sales, how many days will it take the store to sell 96 books?

3) Steve washed 15 cars in 3 hours. How many cars can he wash in 7 hours?

4)A photographer can take 12 pictures in 5 minutes. How long will it take him to take 132 pictures?

5)12 rotten tomatoes are usually found in every four boxes. How many rotten tomatoes would likely be found in 14 boxes?

6) A pack of six cans of coffee cost $12. How much would 19 cans of coffee cost?

Happy Learning!!


Richa Sarda

HRT- Grade 6 Enlighten.

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