Hindi Curriculum of Term -2 ,Grade-8 All sections

Hindi Curriculum of Term -2 ,Grade-8 All sections

Dear Students and Parents,

Please take a note of the curriculum to be covered in Second  Term Exam of G- 8

(Paper-1 Reading and Writing)Total marks -50 (Time Duration-2 hour)

1.Comprehensions  based on the units-

1-सामाजिक रिश्ते  – 10 marks

2-पर्यावरणीय पर्यटन –  10 marks 

3-खेल –10 marks

2  Questions based on the stories from “sankalp pathmala”

(मोतीलाल के दीये,  शिक्षक से राष्ट्रपति )  -10 marks
4. Para phrasing writing of any story -  10 marks

Paper -2 (Listening)Total marks -20(Any of conversation sample or an audio will be played)

Note-We are going to take listening exam paper on 15th March 2017

 (Venue for all sections -X box)

Exam will be taken in the respective Hindi slot.

Time Duration for Listening exam-30 minutes

paper style for Paper -1(Reading and Writing)

(Multiple choice questions (MCQ),one line answers, Fill

in the blanks,match the following,true false, short answers and long answers)

Hindi Team
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