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Day: March 10, 2017

Finalists for the Literary Event – ‘Poetry Slam’

Finalists for the Literary Event – ‘Poetry Slam’

Please note that the final Round for Poetry Slam (Poetry Recitation) will be held on 14th March ,Tuesday.

As part of the final round of literary event, the students will be reciting the poem they submitted during the first round of the literary event. Given below are the criteria on which the students will be evaluated:


    (Student is well prepared and it is obvious that (s)he rehearsed her/his poem thoroughly.)
    (The student has memorized the entire poem and is able to present it without error)
    (Student employs proper posture and gestures, is relaxed and confident, and maintains appropriate audience contact)
    (The student uses pauses and pace effectively to communicate meaning and/or enhance dramatic impact of the poem)
    (The student speaks clearly, distinctly, and with appropriate and varied pitch and tone modulation. Recites loudly enough for all to hear throughout the presentation)
    (Language of the poem,physical presence, voice and articulation, and dramatic appropriateness ,mastery of the art of recitation)


The list of Finalists for the event are:


  • Ananya Khurana (Conjecture)
  • Hiya Shah (Deliberate)
  • Reyansh Parmar (Deliberate)
  • Mana Shah(Contemplate)
  • Dev Amarnani(Ruminate)
  • Diya Shah (Excogitate)
  • Tanay Kapadia (Excogitate)
  • Mahi Rateria (Evolve)
  • Anushree Adnani (Evolve)
  • Anushka Bhansali (Excogitate)
  • Rishit Anand (Contemplate)
  • Saksham Saran (Deliberate)
  • Krish Rathore (Progress)
  • Vihan Ranka (Conjecture)
  • Diya Gupta (Conjecture)
  • Huzaifa Cinemawala (Contemplate)

All the best to all the finalists!!!

Grade 8_Verve,Zest_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_10/03/2017

Grade 8_Verve,Zest_Mathematics_Highlights of the week_10/03/2017

Dear Parents,
Here are the highlights of the work done in this week:

We continued with the unit of Mensuration and understood the concept of surface area and volume of cube, cuboid and cylinder.
To understand these further we did the questions from Ex 6.9, 6.10,6.11 and 6.12 in the class.
Papers were distributed to the students of unit test conducted in the last cycle.

Have a nice weekend.


Ankita Nandwani

Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week

Grade 9_All Sections_Language_Highlights of the Week

Dear Parents,

Here are the highlights of the week :

Directed Writing :

As part of Directed Writing, another form of writing – Article Writing was introduced. Students attempted a few questions on Article Writing through a worksheet. An activity was also conducted in the class wherein they read an article from a magazine and analysed it in terms of – context, purpose, audience, facts and opinions etc. They prepared a graphic organizer based on their analysis of the article and shared it in the class. Students from Fortuity will complete this activity in the coming week.

Oral Presentation – IA

Students will have their Oral Presentation as part of their IA in the coming week. The topics, rubric along with the guidelines have already been shared on the Google Classroom.

Book Club :
As part of the book club, students were taken to the library wherein they read the books.


Language Team

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – March 10th

Highlights and homework – Day 1 – March 10th

PYP Ex : Students were divided into groups of 4 and were asked to explore 5 centers  and observe each center carefully and make connections. Students were asked to make connection through commonality among the objects shown in the picture and compartmentalize the same in their notebooks. Then, a class discussion on all the aspects were done and students said that all the aspects like food, architecture, festivals etc come under one big umbrella ‘Culture’.

Later they were shown the following video on ‘What is Culture- Quotes’ and a class discussion was taken on each quote which helped them to understand Culture in a better manner.

They continued to read an article and developed and deepened their understanding about the interconnectedness of cultural aspects. They also learned about different aspects of culture.

Homework :

PYP Ex :

  1. Complete reading document 6 and 7 and note take in your journal. Discussion of the same will be taken up on Tuesday.
  2. Based on your newer understanding of Culture : Either create poster, poem or an essay on India’s Culture.

Math  : Complete Math mix bag homework.

Highlights and homework of 10th March

Highlights and homework of 10th March

Day 1


UOI: Students wrote their understanding about the definition of culture in their exhibition journal. Having done this, they then got into their groups, discussed these definitions and summed them all up in a single definition and wrote it down in Frayer’s model graphic organizer. They also wrote about the facts/characteristics, examples and non-examples of culture and a discussion was taken on the same.

Math :  The word problems done earlier on Ratio and proportion were discussed in the class. Students solved a real life application word problem in their Math notebook.

Math Summative Assessment for Ratio and proportion, was done in the class.


Language: A worksheet on active-passive voice, direct-indirect speech has been shared on your email id. It needs to be done in your Language notebook.

Math: Complete the mixed bag homework posted by Rachana ma’am in your Math notebook.

UOI: Read the article given. You can make notes or highlight(in the worksheet)what you think is important in the article. The discussion of the same will be done on Tuesday.

LD: Complete punctuation, parsing and question-answers of Week 11, Day 5, in your LD notebook.

Happy Holi!

Grade 5 Alliance – 10th March’17

Grade 5 Alliance – 10th March’17


Student of the week : Ananya Dawer

[Highlight Of The Week]

[Unit Of Inquiry]

A new wave of energy was observed in the grade after the tuning in and finding out sessions took place for the on-going unit. Students were surprised, amazed and shocked at their newer learning  about all the materials around them.

In the 1st activity, they were asked to observe various materials kept on the table. The teacher demonstrated different processes to them, where students also reflected with several examples from their surrounding.

Here are few glimpses of the same :

In the next activity, students visited kitchen where they had opportunity to observe how different food ingredients interact with one another to make a new food product like wheat flour to pizza bread, all purpose flour to muffins. They were amazed to know that how dry yeast helps in fermentation of various products. Here they also got an opportunity to learn about the concept of irreversible and chemical changes.

Here are few glimpses of the same :

Students also observed the physical and reversible changes while making a candle. They visited the lab where they witnessed various apparatus with which the experiment was conducted. For example : tripod stand, Bunsen burner, tongs, spatula, wire gauze, etc. They also understood the term ‘Safety’ in a greater context while working in a lab.

Here are few glimpses of the same :



A)  Complete the mixed bag worksheet shared with you on Google Drive in the mixed bag notebook. The link has also been uploaded on the Blendspace link, tile – 29.

Blendspace link : bag

B)  Practice the concepts taught so far in geometry through the Khan Academy links given below:

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Explore the given site and play the online game given:


A)  Make sentences with the following phrasal verbs :

1.  pick up

2.  pick at

3.  drop in

4.  drop off


Social Sciences: II Unit Test on ‘Conflicts Around the World’

Social Sciences: II Unit Test on ‘Conflicts Around the World’

Grade8 – All,G8 Exuberance,G8 Verve,G8 Vivacity,G8 Zest,G8 Zing
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Mar 22 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Dear students,

The date for II unit test(including Israel-Palestine conflict and Arab Spring) is extended to 22nd March, because we’re still left with Arab Spring. Please note that now the test is on 22nd march, day 2.


I&S Team Grade 8
Expected Time: 50 min